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police say he was in a stolen car. they attempted to pull him over near mason and bush streets last night but he wouldn't stop. the driver led them on a chase over the bay bridge and finally stopped on the treasure island off-ramp. he hasn't fired at officers. duncan phillips is also a suspect in a robbery in benicia on thursday. they say he is threatening suicide and there are negotiators on the island trying to talk him into surrendering. police say no residents are in any danger because this is all happening on the side of the island where nobody lives. the traffic is unaffected. beijing is open. the on and off -- the bay bridge is still open but the on and off-ramp at treasure island is closed. a manhunt under way for a gunman who exchanged gunfire with police in milpitas. they were trying to pull over a tan honda this morning. that's when a man jumped out of
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the car and started shooting. police returned fire although they are not sure if he was hit. now there's a search near jacklin road and he is kayla parkway. these are live pictures. you can see the police tape is up again. this is in milpitas where you can see a lot of law enforcement there. they have closed off part of the roads. >> it's been a very busy morning and we'll have updates on both stories shortly. let's kick it over to brian hackney. >> we have better visibility today than we had yesterday. there is some patchy, dense fog out there and temperatures reflecting the fact that we have clouds overnight so it's off to a warmer start this morning and so today we'll be okay. we have clouds in advance of the system. when it gets in here, we are going to be dealt a heck of a hand with strong winds and heavy rain on the way for the bay area. this morning, a little fog,
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cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid-50s for the most part and gale warnings posted for the bay area tonight. winds up to 55 miles an hour. and when it begins to rain on wednesday, it's going to pour. we'll cover that in weather. first let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, brian. yeah. things are changing in weather. as far as traffic goes here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you may have heard michelle and frank talking about the treasure island on and off- ramp. it's not impacting the main lines of the freeway. this is the upper deck. interstate 80 on- and off-ramps treasure island closed until further notice. we had some of our coworkers driving into work this morning. it was smooth sailing heading into san francisco. this is a live look once you get past treasure island towards the skyway. also that officer-involved shooting continues -- the investigation continues at jacklin road in milpitas shut
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down by escuela parkway. it's in a residential neighborhood. not as much fog across the golden gate this morning. so not seeing any dense fog. one little headlight. so far, so good towards doyle drive. an east bay imagine is charged with attempted murder for trying to hang his girlfriend from a tree in his backyard sunday night. the woman's hands were tied behind her back and there was a noose around her neck. she got her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed 911. >> he was intent on killing her? >> yes. he told her he was going to kill her and he was planning to hang her. >> officers say 31-year-old daniel howard used the woman as a shield. they say he pushed her down an
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em bankment and took off running. the woman suffered minor injuries. the suspect's family says he may have been using meth. the 15-year-old suspect in a deadly san jose crime spree may be charged as an adult. the teen could be arraigned in adult court today. police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks robbed four businesses and killed a man during a carjacking attempt on november 16. the night of the crime ended in a shootout with police the woman behind a counter at an east san jose jewelry store turned the table on two minutes who tried to rob her. she shot back at them. police say the men ran out empty-handed and were last seen speeding away in a black suv. no one was hit in the gunfire. investigators now have ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning after 14 people at a san francisco party were all sent to the hospital over the weekend. the party-goers at a duplex on courtlandt avenue all complained of scratchy throats on sunday night.
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the fire department says only two people tested positive for low levels of carbon monoxide which could have been caused by heavy cigarette smoke in the unit. a simple mistake led to a hazmat emergency in a gym in san jose last night. 150 people were evacuated from the silver creek sportsplex after some complained of shortness of breath. the fire department was called in. the bad air was caused by someone putting too much aromatic oil on rocks inside a steam room in the gym. more violent protests today in egypt aimed at president mohamed morsi. his opponents demand he dropped the decree extending his power which he issued last week which prevents any challenge to his decisions until new parliament is elected. today police are firing tear gas at protestors.
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susan rice the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is going to meet with people regarding the libya killing. >> reporter: ambassador susan rice suggested that the benghazi attack was spontaneous violence. the obama administration later said it was a terrorist attack. rice heads to capitol hill today to meet with three of her harshest critics senators john mccain, lindsay graham and kelly ayotte. mccain now willing to hear her side of the story. >> i will be glad to meet with her and listen to her positions and justification for her comments but i'm -- i'm very unhappy with her performance. >> reporter: graham is also looking forward to hearing from rice. >> there will be a lot of questions asked of her about this event and others. >> reporter: ayotte told cnn that rice's staff contacted her about the meeting. she believes it will focus on
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rice's, quote, representations of what happened at benghazi. rice is considered a top pick to replace secretary of state hillary clinton who said she will leave her post when a replacement is found. mccain, graham and ayotte all said they would block any effort to advance rice if she is nominated. i'm ed payne, reporting. >> later this week rice will meet with acting cia director mike morrell as well as senator susan collins of maine the top republican on the homeland security committee. more republicans say the looming "fiscal cliff" is forcing them to reconsider their no tax pledges. some are now open to changes. dick durbin plans to lay out a proposal for a bipartisan group deemed the gang of 8. they have been working on a plan to reduce debt. if the lawmakers don't pass a plan by the end of the december tax hikes and budget cuts kick
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in. a cyber monday tradition for federal officials took dozens of websites offline. it was the third annual crackdown on websites selling counterfeit merchandise. the sites were shut done after copyright holders that sports, dvds and other goods investigators bought on the websites were fake. the sites now display a banner that explains what happened. robbers in san francisco are stealing iphones at an alarming rate. now, some people are trying to do something about it. at this beauty shop in the russian hill area, workers are warning customers that people are being robbed of their phones sometimes at gunpoint. distracted women are often the targets. >> i was just sitting there looking down at my phone and then somebody just grabbed it and it was like a phone-wallet combo. i started chasing after them. but then like i realize the there were realized there were two of them.
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what was i going to do? it is 4:39 now. the victims of hurricane sandy say they have been through enough. next, the bill that's adding insult to injury. >> plus, this baby couldn't wait. meet the little girl who made a big entrance on the steps of bart. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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every time someone chooses finish over cascade, it sparks a movement. because people can't keep it to themselves. look ! no ugly spots ! awesome! incredible shine. i'm switching for good. love, love, love finish! over a million people have switched to finish. visit us on facebook. northern japanese island of hokkaido is covered in snows morning.. the blizzard hit y tuesda well, take a look at this. much of the northern japanese island of hokkaido is covered in snow this morning. the blizzard hit early tuesday morning knocking out power to thousands of homes. trees that weren't knocked over by high winds lost limbs from all that heavy snow and the weather isn't expected to improve for another few days. but pretty bad there. >> you don't think of snow? japan. >> i didn't think of it. here we go. if you don't have electricity, should you get an electric bill? probably not. but that's what some victims of superstorm sandy are wondering. the long island power authority
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is sending out bills to people who spent weeks without power after the storm. the bills were based on how much power they used the year before. the company says it will adjust the bills and will not charge any late fees either. you probably heard of black friday and cyber monday but what about giving tuesday? today is the first-ever day with that name. it's part of an effort to encourage people to help nonprofits in their communities. hundreds of shopping malls are take part including stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton. >> we're excited to be part of it and hope it grows but to get people start talking about ways to give back and how do you give back. >> today malls are encouraging people to donate to organizations like the american red cross and hope hospice. >> it makes sense. >> it does. >> it's all about us.
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>> got to give this and that. >> i like that. >> i think i'm in full favor of it. yes. absolutely. >> good. >> i'm going to give you plenty of rain. wait until you see this. parts of the bay area by thursday we could get as much as 12" of rain. >> oh, my gosh. >> do you believe that? now, that's up at the elevations and that's for -- let me knock you out with a statistic number. but the rest of the bay area is going to get plenty wet in the wettest location by as much as a foot of rain. today cloudy skies, mild start. numbers are mostly in the 40s to mid-50s. good deal warmer than yesterday. a good deal less foggy. that was the headline on monday. today we're going to get out the door with cloudy skies and a little patchy fog out there. temperatures mostly in the 50s. and gale warnings are posted beginning tonight for the offshore waters up to 55 miles an hour. that's tonight and tomorrow. windy wednesday, there are wind advisories especially in the passes. it's going to be windy but elizabeth is going to be the
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star of the show tomorrow because the traffic, wind and rain will affect things within 24 hours. for now, everything is the calm before the storm. in the headlines we'll increase clouds winds picking up rain spreading south beginning tonight. north bay first and then right in the middle of the morning commute for tomorrow. for today we see what's happening in advance of this. this first storm is a warm storm. the source is subtropical and as a result the numbers won't come down. the snow levels are not really going to to come down but next series of storms will be coming out of the gulf and when they do, they are going to bring plenty of cold weather and hopefully snow too, above 7900 feet. so clouds today then rain and wind beginning tonight and the numbers on the rain futurecast you will see them begin to at this particular time rain gauge as we run the clock ahead as it sweeps through this first batch on wednesday not going to be an absolute gully-washer but priming the ground for the rain that's going to come later. it's not particularly good news because you want to get a bit of a break between rain to
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allow things to drain and dry. the ground is fairly [ indiscernible ] it's not going to take much to cause the creeks and rivers to fill up so that by saturday, there's the potential for some flooding problems around the bay area. by saturday. in the meantime, for today, cloudy skies temperatures on the mild side. look at the extended. today clouds, tomorrow rain. thursday rain and wind. friday more rain and wind. saturday we get some showers. we'll finally begin to catch a little bit of a break by monday but we have a series of storms that are going to be coming through. expect wet. you have to pay attention to getting the gutters and drains cleaned. it could lead to some problems by friday. that's the weather. hopes there's better news in traffic, elizabeth. >> thank you, brian. i know, we're all waiting for that storm system. could be the first significant storm and it always causes problems on the road for the start of the morning drive so we are dry today the good news. we have a couple of incidents going on though. if you are crossing the upper
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deck, you may notice police cars by the treasure island on- ramp because of a police standoff going on since late last night. we can show you on our maps what it looks like on the upper deck. things flowing okay on the main lines of the freeway but the off-ramps are shut down, the off-ramps are closed there to treasure island. again, at this hour it's not making a dent on bay bridge traffic. so if this continues into the morning commute, it could be a visual distraction. you cannot access treasure island at this point. a live look at the golden gate bridge flashlights, lane changes. otherwise light traffic towards doyle drive heading into s our other breaking news story overnight was an earlier officer-involved shooting. the investigation continues in milpitas. a stretch of jacklin road is closed by escuela parkway near the high school. we are sending a news crew to
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the scene so we may have live pictures coming up. the main lines of the freeway milpitas 880/237 looks good light for the silicon valley ride towards san jose. we like to look at westbound 580 the altamont pass commute at this time of the morning since usually it's one of our first spots to slow down. not much changing color on our sensors so far. only 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. bart always a great option and so far they have all the trains running on time. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:47. several bay area district attorney's have reached a settlement with a company that promotes a diet. they will pay more than $900,000 to settle a false advertising lawsuit. they claim the diet was clinically proven to work. the company admitted no fault and stands behind the products. more in
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a group wants emergency contraception for teens prescribed in advance so teens younger than 17 would have access to the morning-after pill faster. it's available to those older than 17 over-the-counter. researchers say revised mammogram guidelines may allow cancer to go undetected. in 2009 a task force recommended testing every two years for women aged 50 to 74. before that all women over 40 were routinely tested. a new study suggests chemotherapy can change the way the brain functions. researchers at west virginia university say a side effect known as chemo brain may affect study and concentration. they researchers at the university of southern california say there may be a
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link between pollution and autism. they say exposure to traffic- related air pollution can have an impact on the baby in the womb and a year after birth. a dramatic birth at bart. the woman's contractions were 5 minutes apart yesterday. her husband was driving her to alta bates in berkeley. her water broke and they pulled up to the pittsburg station in front of commuter tanya madxdix. >> the guy got out and screamed. >> my child being born, call 911. >> actually hit the floor a little bit. i was backwards like i was in so much pain like -- she just -- i pushed her out. >> you feel for the parents. jasmine wrapped her third child in a coat from a taxi driver. the family spent the night at kaiser in antioch. but the baby, so cute, healthy and they could all go home as soon as tomorrow.
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>> nothing like a calm father. >> my wife's having a baby! >> jasmine has a little story to tell. it's 4:50 now. with a $300,000 paycheck per episode you wouldn't think he would be able to find much to complaining about. >> not so for this "two and a half men" star. why he is telling people not to watch his show. >> and you can thank inflation for this. how much more it will cost you this year to buy the 12 days of christmas. when we come back. at cepacol we've heard people are going to extremes to relieve their sore throats. oh, okay, you don't need to do that. but i don't want any more of the usual lozenges and i want new cooling relief! ugh. how do you feel? now i'm cold. hmm. this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation, sensational relief.
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expect wet in the bay area or the fortunes once sang, here
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comes that rainy day feeling again. and how! we'll have the whole forecast. this morning not so bad and today not so bad either. >> not so bad in weather usually means not so far in traffic. so far that's the case dry on the bay area bridges and definitely not as much fog as yesterday. so so far a clear trip golden gate, bay bridge and san mateo. more "timesaver traffic" coming up. one of the most popular programs on cbs is coming under fire for from a young star. angus jones is complaining about the show that pays him $300,000 an episode. please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop killing your head with filth. do some research on the effects of television and your brain and i promise you, you will have a decision to make when it comes to the television and
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especially with what you watch. >> oh, boy. jones plays jake hamper on the cbs sitcom and told a christian website reporter that the show conflicts with his religious views. the video was posted by the forerunner christian church in free. >> still cashing his checks, though. the united states is getting ready to set another record in outer space. this one for the longest space flight. nasa is sending captain scott kelly to the international space station for a year topping the current record for the longest time spent in space by an american which is 215 days. scott kelly by the way is the twin brother of retired space shuttle commander mark kelly. and if you have been somewhere a long time it might take you a minute to remember where you parked, right? i'm guilty of that. now researchers say that might be an easier task for a man. a study looked at hundreds of shoppers searching for their cars in a crowded shopping center. who does this research?! [ laughter ]
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>> researchers found men and women use different strategies to locate their lost vehicle. women look for landmarks while men were precise estimating the distance to the car. men were slightly more success nfl finding them first. >> would you estimate the distance? >> yeah, right. >> i would use my little beeper. >> me, too. >> where are you? >> it saves me many instances. purchasing all 364 gifts in the 12 days of christmas. it's going to cost more than last year. the pnc christmas price index says the grand total comes to more than $107,000. that's 6% more than 2011. the survey says a drought drove up the costs of feed for the birds, the geese allaying up more than 29% this year. french hens and swans aswitching have also increased and rising gold prices mean the price of five golden rings has soared more than 16%. i don't know how many lords
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aleapin. >> or the maze the maids amilkin. coming up, a wild police chase and a standoff captured only by our cbs 5 cameras. >> treasure island remains closed this morning while police engage in that standoff with an armed suspect. we have exclusive video from the scene. >> and some parts of the bay area get high marks for antidiscrimination in the workplace. coming up, which places didn't score so well. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with an armed.. wanted man. and.. in the south bay... ss fired... streets shut down as p guns drawn. at this hour, san francisco police are in a standoff with an armed wanted man. >> in the shout bay shots are fired. streets shut down as police search for a gunman. in the weather department this morning, a lot better today than yesterday. not as much fog out
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there. but rain coming. we'll have more coming up. >> we have a police shutdown of the on and on-ramp to treasure island. more coming up. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00. an armed man is in a standoff with police and traffic to the area is closed. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san francisco, where police say the man fired at officers. >> reporter: the incident started in san francisco and the suspect fled to bay bridge until he stopped on treasure island. the suspect got out of his car and put the gun to his own head. he has been threatening suicide. there are crisis negotiators trying to talk him out. this started last night at 11:00 wh

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